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My first salvia experience

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So my first dance with salvia was a weird experience. To give a liitle backstory i had been in a promotion process at my job which had led me to fear a possible drug test. I had quit smoking marijuana but was struggling with the boredom(im not a drinker)... In an attempt to substitute the marijuana i looked into salvia which is legal where i live. I had done my research and knew it was supposed to be much stronger than pot but with my previous experience with psychedelics(lsd,shrooms,dxm…) i thought itd be nothing compared to what i was used to.

I started packing my glass pipe while briefing my wife on her job as my trip sitter. This is where it went wrong…. See my wife had never tried any psychedelics and apparently was NOT clear on how to be a good trip sitter. I ripped a fully packed bowl as hard as i could and held for 20 seconds just as recommended. I immediately noticed an intense pulling sensation that kinda freaked me out. All my experience with other psychedelics were not serving me any good with salvia. In the midst of all this sally d worked her magic to make me completely forget i had smoked it and thats when the voices started.

I began to here voices talking though i couldnt really understand them and wasnt even completely sure they wernt in my head. I ask my wife if she heard them and she quickly cuts me off by shushing me with a very freaked out look on her face. At this point im FRAKING out. I start continuously asking her “what is it?, what is it???” And she continues to shush me and not say anything with a terrified look on her face. By now im so freaked out im forcing my self out of the trip.

Once i came out of it i found out the voices we were hearing were my neighbors talking on their porch and the reason my wife was freaking out was she was paranoid that my landlord was outside(which she wasnt).... So… if you take anything away from this post then let it be this… if you take salvia,,, be ready for it and make sure your trip sitter knows what theyre doing. Thanks for reading the report.
It’s been a bit since I’ve smoked salvia... stuck to cannabis lately lol:thumb_up:
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