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My first successful spice experience. Or how to avoid getting your throat wrecked.

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This last weekend I finally had the time to diagnose and figure out what I was doing wrong.

It turns out that having the wattage so high on my vape pen was definitely not a great thing.

To say that the "vapor" was harsh is certainly an understatement. It had the immediate effect of numbing the back of my throat and kicking me in the face in one fell swoop. It turns out that this harsh vapor made it nearly impossible for me to hold anything in or get any effect. I wasted some spice figuring this out.

For those interested, I'm using a 75w Snow Wolf mod, not sure the model, and I don't think it really matters. I'm using a yocan NYX for the freebase spice itself.

Like this one: (Nyx) but with the ceramic donut.

This is an interesting atomizer, it's good for newbies or someone not looking to breakthrough I think. It has a fairly restricted mouthpiece but for anything short of a breakthrough it seems pretty great. I use 2x 10mg scoops and take 2 or 3 draws and I'm doing pretty well.

Oh yeah, the other thing I figured out was the wattage. 10 watts, no more, no less. Seems to get things done.

FIgured I'd share my little bit of knowledge.

swim can't necessarily speak from experience because swim hasn't had direct experience with dmt, yet :thumb_up: but swim most definitely wouldn't say vaporizing your spice with a box mod and an atomizer intended for wax is the best method to go about doing this :lol: there are many alternative methods that can be found in the nexus which may be more effective in vaporization and minimize amount of spice wasted. Maybe you're not interested in these methods but if you haven't checked them out then I'd definitely peep those. Interesting combo though Resonant, first I've heard of something like that being done and producing substantial effects. If/when you decide to break through (if you have not done so already) I would start looking for a different tool for convection, because I'm not too sure the mod will be able to get you there. Safe travels 😁

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You should be able to suck the living bejesus outta that thing and go all the way...

Maybe there is some solvent or something trapped in your spice? You might choose to do a re-x and try again.
It seems the primary issue was the temps, I've tried again and verified my results. When going much hotter (35+ watts) the agitation is massive and difficult to handle. Dropping to 10 watts removes the agitation entirely.

I am a big fan of the method now, I have weak lungs (I don't smoke anything and never have outside of this) and at 10 watts with this setup, it has a lot of effect and seems to work quite nicely (with no burn).

I'm still a bit hesitant to push for a break through. I may give it a go after my next extraction.
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