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My friends first ayahuasca trip and tek!

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Some things need to be broken down by MAOI! Antidepressant drugs like SSRI’s, or recreational drugs like ALCOHOL or MDMA in combination with MAOI ARE DEADLY!!!! Do NOT mix ANY DRUGS, ALCOHOL, or MEDICATIONS with AYAHUASCA OR YOU MIGHT DIE!

So my friend said he put 2 grams of Syrian rue in orange juice and teaspoon and a half of powered MHRB (3g roughly) in another mason jar of OJ and shook it up and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours shaking it every now and then. Then he drank the Syrian rue and felt the effects about 20 mins later then drank the MHRB. He said when the effects started coming on he thought it was just like an LSD trip but he was very wrong and it was way better and it felt loving and healing and didn't make him paranoid like getting high usually does to him. He purged, vomiting a few times and even purged out the southern end but said it wasn't that bad. Then he decided to turn all the lights off and lay in bed and he said he felt these plant entities washing over his body, licking his body with their leafy tentacles and healing him and he said he was laughing and giggling and loving the experience. He said other beings came and checked him out, but left because he didn't do a high of enough dose for him to interact with them. He said he saw awesome visuals and felt these swooshes and flashes of lights. But he said it also brought up a lot of emotions and fears and made him face them and like dug them out of his body but wasn't too intense. He said with his eyes open he would stand in his room and had cool visuals and felt very warm and safe and loved.

But he said when he started coming down, an entity told him to do a little bit more so this time he said he swallowed 2 Syrian rue capsules(about 1g) then took a heaping teaspoon of MHRB(about 2 to 2 1/2 grams) and put it in OJ and shook it up and put it in the fridge for 20 mins then drank it and was watching porn waiting for the effects to come on. He said he got really high and started to purge out both ends again and said he started tripping balls really hard and turned off all the lights and got in bed. He said he got OBLITERATED and never been so high in his life(he said 5 hits of acid was the highest before this). He said he wanted to purge again hoping to stop the trip and the entities were laughing at him saying its too late they had him. He said the visuals were so intense he tried to turn his computer on and couldn't even find the button and just went back to bed. He said everything was just melding together. He said he was so high he felt defenseless and very unsafe as he was alone doing this. He said he could not function at all. He said he then went on an emotional roller coaster and every fear and paranoia was shoved in his face, about dying or loved ones dying and he said he saw himself in a casket with his mom standing over him crying and he saw other loves ones in caskets also. He said he would lift up his head and open his eyes to try to stop it and he said it felt like he had weights on his eye lids and had to close his eyes and felt so tired. He said the visuals were so intense it was like he was being washed from the inside out and that it's too hard to describe. He said he was praying to god for the trip to end and every time he thought he was coming down it came right back like a freight train. He said the really high peak lasted about 1 hour then came down a bit but was still tripping balls for another hour then came down a lot and started to relax and calm down. He said over the next few hours it slowly all started to go away and he felt really hung over. He said it was so intense he might not ever do it again.

My friend said he feels very humbled by the experience and that it kicked his ass and wants to know if what he experienced was considered "ego death", "breaking through", "hyperspace" or if he was just tripping balls? Lol
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