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My garden endeavors

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A little garden show off, as an introduction to the forum I will be most active in.

Right now most of my small garden is overwintering in in a small closet grow space, while my bigger Throchicereus are dormant on an unheated stairwell (zone 7a)


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I love threads like these, even if I don't have much to say.

And all your little baby cacti are so cute :love: How many do you have?

For various reasons, I ended up slacking a little bit and lost a few of mine :( Live and learn. :)

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Thank you!
Right now I have 8 Trichocereus, 4 small and 4 large
In descending order-

1-unnamed bridgesii from sacred succulents

2-unnamed bridgesii from sacred succulents

3- Yowie

4- Hutchinson 6212

5 -unnamed bridgesii from sacred succulents

6- super Pedro x pc (perhaps)

7-0212 x open pollinated

8- eileen x wowie

9- Lophophora seedlings

10- Phalaris arundinacea

11- Psychotria viridis

Once it gets closer to spring I have a bunch of things to germinate too -woodland tobacco and rustica, Datura inoxia, metel and wrightii. Also have a ton of cubensis variety spores I’m hoping to get a few going over the winter. Maybe some cannabis too if I can get some seeds on barter.
This is so cool Soloist! I plan to create/expand my own garden too, so thank you for the extra motivation. Are you planning to grow these inside a tent the whole year around or just during winter times?

I am also looking forward to see your experiments with phalaris :).
I appreciate the well wishes! And yeah haha, love that cactus porn!

Just winter, everything except the lophs will go outside come warmer weather. Those guys I need to be a little careful about. Don’t need any insect issues or peeping eyes.
Solist, since you are growing cactus from seed you should search for threads here on grafting baby cactus to Pereskiopsis spathulata to make them grow faster. Some cool work has been done on this and there are a few master grafters who post from time to time to show their progress.
I've actually read a lot about grafting not that long ago. Maybe in the future. At this stage in life haha I don't have the time or space. Pereskiopsis is actually really interesting...buuuuut I hate glochids.
that actually reminds me (because of the glochids), there is one cacti species native to my area, Opuntia humifusa- which could also serve as stock. I have read about people grafting lophs and other species to Opuntia stock before, though I think it's pretty temperamental. I might give it a go one day. I would like to have this in my garden as a natural fence, and food source. The tunas are delicious.

Grafting with Opuntia stock.
That's great. Did not mean to give the impression that Pereskiopsis were the only option for grafting cacti, just one of many. They seem to have the greatest potential for accelerated growth for cacti pups. Cacti grafting in general fascinating to me as there are so many options and the cacti seem generally accepting of the practice.

PS: I hate glochids too, with a passion.
Lovely to see another fledgling cactus garden. Hope you've plenty of space for it in a few years! :lol:

Joining in with you here on the glochid-hate, although I do keep a couple of small Opuntias among my collection in an attempt to train myself to be less clumsy :D It has at least trained me to keep my tweezers in a sensible place. (In fact I sort of collect tweezers now.)

I always wonder if my (glochid-free) Pereskiopsis might be of value in grafting. Trout notes that "Mescaline was present in the dry plant at [a whopping :lol:] 0.0005%."
I agree, grafting is very interesting. Kinda crazy how 2 different organisms can be fused together.

A few years back I found that old T shirts were excellent at glochid removal- I would harvest the tunas of O. humifusa, toss them in a bucket and agitate a bit with said Tee. It really did the trick.
I think that if I ever were to grow and work with them again I would keep a stock of thrift shop shirts on hand to dance on/around the pads before any contact was to be had.

Luckily I do have enough space at the moment so long as I don't get to crazy haha, just gotta stick to the basics!
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