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My into essay, please read

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Here lies my introduction essay. I hope that it emphasizes my desire to be a part of this community. I am a Male from Michigan, I have no college education, and no formal training in chemistry. Looking back on my life it's lately been my biggest regret, not furthering my education ( specifically in relation to chemistry ). I've been interested in DMT for several years, and only in the last did I stumble upon the Nexus. I've successfully performed about 12 extractions of DMT, and two LSA extractions, and enjoyed every minute of them. Not only is DMT my favorite hallucinogen, but also the most interesting substance I've ever encountered. I cut my teeth on psychedelics out in the sand dunes of Michigan on LSD, Microdots, sugar cubes, mushrooms etc.... I love taking quality recreational drugs out in nature ( best setting ever ) IMHO. In my twenties I moved onto harder substances, spent years smoking crack, and sniffing herion, and meth. I don't regret this, but am glad I am past it. These days I like some occasional MDMA, and weed is a daily desire for me. Drugs have been a huge part of the last 20 years of my life. But to date, DMT has been the most positive for me. It's literally changed my life for the better. I'm more introspective, am driven to do more quality activities. I'm more focused on the right things, and being a musician, my music has been positively influenced as well.
This community has been nothing short of a blessing for me. Like so many others here, there aren't a ton of places ( hardly any ) that I can share all of these interests with. Having a space like this for resource, friendship, information, ideas.... is awesome. I hope to be promoted to full membership soon, but am happy with whatever comes. I fully appreciate all of you here, and what you are all doing. I also really enjoy the professional atmosphere that is presented here, Drugs are serious business, and should be treated that way, with respect, care, and love. You get what you give, and I strive every day to give the best in whatever I'm doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be here, and be a part of this. Love to you all. Thank you.

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