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my intro

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hey there... i'm here to explore and learn! my main reason for joining: i hope to use this site to more familiarize myself with different terms and processes related to extraction (as i'm hoping to attempt my first go within the next few months)

i first tried psychedelics in my early 20's (LSD, mushrooms, mescaline) mostly for recreational use, spent the next 10-15 years "straight" until i had what i'm going to call, for lack of a better term, a "spiritual awakening" which coincided with giving myself over to music. I always knew i'd come back to psychedelics, and here i am... eager to get out of my own way & come to terms with what i've always known/felt... to trust & further understand my own truth (those 10 to 15 years i spent living thru the eyes of others, adopting/assimilating their views & stifling my own due to social acceptance and lack of trust in my "self" )

my only experience thus far with DMT is changa
I can relate to your post. I took a very long break from psychedelics for various reasons.

What do you mean giving yourself to music? I play guitar and love how I feel when I play!

Welcome to ther nexus and happy travels on your psychedelic road!!
Welcome to the Nexus!

You couldn't have come to a better place for extraction information :)

Are you also considering oral use of DMT? IMO that lends itself the best for introspection, self-development and all..

Be well!
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