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my introduction essay (with pic)

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hi everybody,

i’ll try to introduce myself not really knowing what to say or what not to say.

After a lot of time spent researching about mankind and myself, through alternative therapies like reiki, meditation and so on, I discovered the world of psychedelics with shamanism, going to peru to take ayahuasca in 2011.

Basically, after that, from Stamets to some documentaries about shamanism, mushrooms, mckenna, the spirit molecule… I started growing mushrooms, and gave it a go at extracting DMT. This started 2 years ago. Here is my Shroomery account with one thread on my last DMT extraction (with pictures, you can see it if you login): Profile for trg64 - Shroomery Message Board

My experience with DMT so far is as such:
I extracted it and discovered it on my own, just trusting teks found on the internet (probably here). Nobody spoke to me about it, nobody made me try, i didn’t know neither the smell neither the look. So i just tried that goo.

From that point i did it 3 month, nearly every day, re-dosing several times every day. I was not working (I actually took the time for « shamanic research »). I was in a state of mind where I thought i had to solve some problems with me so that I could live a normal life. BIG mistake ! Anyway that is what I did, I saw extraterrestrials, I saw entities, but most of my trips I found myself exploring lives of people I had met, or people from my family. I learned a lot from that time, and although i searched for similar experiences on the internet, I was never able to find any testimony relating to what I was experiencing.
I would be delighted to speak about this more if someone asks me to.

This period ended very suddenly, I thought i was gonna kill myself, all my efforts trying to get better through hard experiences facing hard stuff just bringing me down.
It was time for a new attitude in life, going to see real people, and facing the challenges everybody has to face in real life.

So after 3 very intense month of heavy use of psychedelics, and 2 years without, i started homeopathic dose of mushrooms again, just trying not to push it, and not to fall in the same holes again.

Today I was looking for information on phalaris since I think they are fields of it around here, registered to the dmt-nexus, and I think this is a very good opportunity for me just to share my experience with DMT with you, and maybe participate in drawing a little area of the picture of what we know today about these experiences.

That is it for today, I’m here thanks to most of you guys, so thanks to you to let this website be, and get the information out there :)

here is my last crop, just found that it would be more friendly like this than sending you to shroomery ;)
Welcome to the Nexus, nice dish there.

I'm curious what you mean by "homeopathic" mushroom dosing? Do you mean micro dosing? That's not really homeopathic.

yes I meant microdosing (I was just licking the spoon that I used to turn the honey in which i sprinkled the dried mushroom powder). I was surprised i could even feel the effects. But yeah not really homeopathic indeed ^^
Right on, I've found micro dosing psilo to be an exceptionally helpful aid to stabilize mood, as well as help with acute depression symptoms and anxiety.

Again, welcome to Nexus!
Welcome, bahleille!

It can definitely be beneficial to take a break once and a while and become grounded in the everyday life setting. However, hearing the message doesn't always mean hanging up the phone (to reference Watts).

I look forward to hearing about your reports of experiencing other lives. It is actually more common than you'd think.

See you around and good luck with the microdosing :)
Welcome to the nexus,

this forum is a great resource with a lot of pro's that can help you out, the chemistry post go really deep in here 😁. psychedelics are powerful tool but i've learned that they gotta be used with respect.

Hope you find what you look for in here!
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