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Hello, my Name is Claude and I m from Luxemburg.I want to write a little bit about my Experiences in the world of Psychodelics.
20 years ago, when I studied paramedics I began to experiment with psychoactive substances. I was smoking Weed on the Weekends and drank some alcohol like the most Teens did at my age. Then I heared about shrooms and I found the Psilcybe semilanceata growing a half mile from my parents house. I read some books like the famous book about LSD from Hoffmann and Jim DeKorne´s Psychodelic Neoshamanism. I began to experiment with the shrooms in lower Doses. I tried also Nutmeg, in higher Doses. With my best friends I tried several times Hawaiin Mushrooms an had a breakthrough Experience, a typical "beeing One with the whole Universe" experience. That changed my life totally. I had also some bad Experiences with Datura. After all I gave up my paramedics studies, even beeing one of the best of my class and changed to Art class. At that Time I was living the philosophy "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" (W.Blake´s Marriage of Heaven and Hell). I experimented very much with Plants, and became a Drugdesigner. I made extracts like herbal XTC(based on Nutmeg, Betelnut and Yohimbe),
Absinth, "Yellow Cab" (Fly Agaric and Cannabis with Spices like Ginger and Cinnamon) and Igrew Cannabis and Morning Glory in my Fathers Garden. Through my paramedicsstudies, where I had classes in Physics, Chemistry, and PHARMACOLOGY, I had enough background to not kill my self. I found also a way to use Atropae Belladonna through sublingual Aapplication. This was a big success but to my personal opinion also my biggest mistake in my Drugscareer; some people began to abuse it and it changed their character to big egocentric icecold ASSHOLES, Artopin is similar to Cocaine.
I organised with friends "SOMA"parties: we made FlyAgaric soup for 20 persons and we were tripping in a group of 15 to 20. It was GREEEAAAT. Never again I laughed so much in my life.
These Parties became legendary.
At these Times I began to work with TarotCards, made ThaiChi to keep a balance and read and practiced Esoteric stuff like The Celestine Prophecies, Alchemy and Hermetics. For five Years I lived the totall Excess and still finished my Artclasses with great success. Then I went to belgium and studied Sculptures; and was totally bored by the limited Horizon of my teacher about Artconcepts. At the Age of 23 I made my last big Excessparty with my best friends which traveled with me the Hyperspace for Years. I gave up my studies and returned Home, worked for some months on my Art and joined a volonteer project in Italy for half a year. At these days I practiced Hermetic Magic and Meditations based on F.Bardons Magic. I will not go deeper into it then to say that Magic is a very efficent Technic of SelfHypnosis(Warning: Magic works, but never like you expected). I changed my lifestyle, looked for a job and gave up Drugs. I sometimes smoked some Weed, drank much much coffee and smoked to much tabacco. I begun to work in Center for People with Alzheimers/ Dementia. All these years of Psychodelics helped me a lot to put myself in their chaotic Minds. I worked to hard and fell into a burnout. Then I was diagnosed a heavymetal poisening through the amalgamfillings. The mercury began to attack my brain and made me depressive. I rebegan to smoke more Cannabis to protect my Nervcells and helped as a volonteer in a CBD-project for Patients. At this time I met a girl which today is my Wife (she s a heavy weedsmoker). I m still working in the Alzheimer center, I m totally detoxed from the heavymetals, and rebegan to experiment with HBWR and small doses of mushrooms and creating Absinth ( for my wifes Dad who s an old Rocker).I continued my Arts and did many Alchemical Extractions of Plants-Medical ones(oldschool alchemy technics of the 17th century) The last month my interest on DMT and Psylocybes rebegan to grow inside me. I did 2 Times HBWR with an Ethanol-Lemon extraction with fresh Mint leaves. The Trip was good and brought me great insights on my Life,- I combined It with Hermetic Meditations. So here I am new on the forum and need to say that my interest is the Phalaris and its extractions.:twisted:

PS For those who dont know Luxemburg, here´s a link :lol: :lol: :lol:
Perhaps I want to publish some of my Paintings/Sculptures in the future Time, what do I need to do publish them in the DMT-Nexus Art gallery???
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