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My journey through the unknown

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When I first started experimenting with psychedelics in 2010, it was mainly a result of being exposed to people who I feel use them for the sole purpose of recreation. It seemed clear to me from the start that they were missing something. I suppose I've always had fun, even in very intense trips, but it's given me so much more than a good time. I had numerous experiences with LSD and other analogues and substituted phenethylamines in my younger days but I dropped using psychs for several years during which I developed a serious opiate habit catalyzed by a severe car accident in 2011 leaving me with short term memory loss, 50% hearing loss, tinnitus, and chronic persistent cluster headaches caused by an epidural hematoma that had moved onto my brain stem and was removed in emergency brain surgery. In 2015, after I had been clean from opiates for roughly 18 months I was still suffering from the desire to use and the cluster headaches were getting more severe. It was around this time that I was introduced to DMT. After my first experience I found that not only had I experienced a great spiritual awakening, but I experienced several months after this with no headaches. After the return of the headaches I made the realization that the DMT may have had something to do with their dissapearance, and through the help of research contained within this nexus, I have been free of cluster headaches, with one exception(I had to go a few months without due to my living situation at the time), since 2015. Further to this, last year I had dabbed a 150mg dose of pure DMT, and during this extremely intense trip I felt a level of ego loss that was more complete than any I had before. It wasn't as if I was just in the void, I WAS the void. After directly coming back to reality from this experience I was struck with the urge to again use opiates. It was as if my true self rejected this notion, and I decided i didn't want to use it anymore. And just like that it was gone. It was as if when I reconstructed my ego after the experience I just left the opiate part of my psyche out. Ever since then I have been doing my best to promote the responsible and safe use of psychedelics and educate people to the fact that these substances are extremely poorly understood and that there are many benefits that we do not yet know(and some we do). I have to say I owe a lot to the information contained here and I am very thankful for the work you guys do. I only hope that my additions to this site will guide others to be their best selves.

Peace and love to you all.
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