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My latest extraction. Start to finish.

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Hello all!

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but being a new member, I'm lacking in places to post.

As I've stated here before, this is by no means my first attempt. I've had some great success using cybs Max ion tek in the past. But recently have been running into issues. I decided to take another Crack at it, and document the procedure here. Hopefully, it works out, but if not, it would at least be cool to hear your opinions on what may be going wrong as I work through this. Perhaps I, as well as other new members may be able to learn a little something together.

This extraction started 1 week ago.
50 grams of Acacia Confusa root bark powder was added to 300 ml filtered water. Placed in the freezer, frozen solid, and thawed for a total of 3 times.

After the last thaw, I added just enough vinegar to bring the pH down to just under 4. I didn't measure the amount of vinegar, just kept adding until desired pH was reached.

The jar has been placed in a warm water bath. Temps sitting around 40-45c. (past failed attempts reached Temps of up to 70c. Wondering if that may be part of the issue)

The jar will sit in the bath for around 8 hours.

I will post again as the process continues.


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Well, unfortunately my camera took a dive down the stairs, so I won't be taking any pics for a while :( I got a few, but nothing special.

Oh well... The process continues.

The acidic mixture was left in the warm bath for 8 hours, and allowed to cool to room temp.

Once cooled, 50 ml of nps was heated in a water bath, poured into the jar, and mixed real well a couple of times. After it separated, the solvent was sucked off the top and disposed of. This process was done twice, using a total of 100 ml nps.

Next, I dissolved 80 grams of salt into 200 ml of hot filtered water. Once the salt was dissolved, I topped up the solution to make it 1 L.

The acidic solution was poured into a 1.5 L wine bottle, as was the saline solution.

I then mixed 40 g. Of lye in 200 ml of cool filtered water (gloves and goggles people!!) and poured it into the wine bottle as well. The mixture turned into a nice dark purple, then almost black. Didn't take a pH reading this time around, as the color seems to be right.

The bottle was then placed into another warm bath (40-50c) and will sit for 2 hours.


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Found another camera :)

After 2 hours in the warm bath, the bottle was removed and allowed to cool to room temp.

50ml nps was heated in a hot water bath, and added to the bottle.
Mixed gently yet thoroughly for 30 seconds, allowed to separate, and repeated 2 more times.

After the last separation, the nps was sucked out and placed into a flat bottomed Pyrex dish. Nps turned a milky white as soon as it hit the cool glass. I'll take that as a good sign.

This process will be completed until I use 300ml of solvent, or whenever I run out. Whichever comes first. :)


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Ended up doing 4 pulls, with 50 ml each. Started running low on solvent, so I figured I'd save it for another day.

Dish was placed outside with a nice cool breeze until about half the solvent had evaporated. Placed dish in the freezer, and will check on it in the morning.


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null24 said:
Looks good!


Looked good until this morning anyways.

I poured off the solvent, and instead of the usual snow globes, all I could see was a white film on the bottom of the dish. Didn't take any pics as I wanted to get it back in the freezer ASAP. The dish is now sitting upside down in there for a few hours, and then I will transfer it to the fridge before fanning it off.

This is where my recent extractions have all been going wrong. The stuff on the bottom just kind of melts away when I try to evaporate the remaining solvent. I'm going to baby the hell out of it, and pray that stuff is actually dmt. :) the last time this happened I managed to salvage some of it, and it definitely sent me somewhere, so here's hoping.
Your process looks good, if you are getting bad yields (or no yield at all) then you need to look for a different source of material, since what you have been using is not ACRB.
Your solvent looks super saturated, so if your not getting much you need to have your freezer on its coldest setting and let it sit undisturbed until it has precipitated all its goodies. Keeping it cool and evaporating residual solvent as quickly as possible will help, but it sounds like your doing that. I do my fan evaporate of crystals/film in a somewhat insulated box with a space for air to escape and even if there is only a little bit of film it will dry well. You may be in a warmer climate though. (You probably are)

Is your solvent still cloudy after you pulled it out of the freezer? It should get quite clear after its done.
If all else fails, then yes, you unfortunately probably need a new bark source.
A half-decent bark should give you 500-1000mg+ for 50grams.

Just my thoughts on it, I've only done 3 extractions myself so far, but they worked out well.
Hope it works out for you, don't throw anything away until you know for sure if it's the bark!

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