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My little journey to Taiga, plus some plants.

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Greetings good people !!

So, i finally made it! I got some money and travelled to my chilhood place. I haven't been there for 12 years (due to some problems with military and my paperwork). I was very happy to meet and see my ancestors once again , the place , the smells , all the memories.

Now i live like half the world as distance far from there. As you understand the journey was very long and tiresome, but totally worth it. My batteries are recharget at max, and the energy of the place is unbelievable !! The place of Siberian tiger , The Ussuri brown bear and Amur leopard.

Also ,while i was there ,i noticed the presence of some Phalaris like looking plants. So now im wondering if there was entheogens (except amanita muscaria) around me in my childhood.

I took some pics of the plants (looks like phalaris arundinacea and phalaris aquatica ),and the place. So ,check it out and tell me what you think !!

Be well always everybody

Best regards:love: :love:


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Just in the first picture there are several plants which look interesting besides your suspected Phalaris. I've outlined them in different colours.

The 3rd and 4th pictures show a variegated cultivar of P. arundinacea which typically has minimal alkaloid content - but this is Siberia so who knows? :)

The landscape looks wonderful - enjoy your stay, and take a good look at those other plants. One might be Leonurus sibiricus or possibly a kind of mugwort (Artemisia) . Another resembles a Scrophularia sp. It's a bit hard to tell from the picture, I wish I was there!


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downwardsfromzero hey and thanks for posting !! I glad you like the pics :thumb_up:

And hey, what a nice eye you have !! Those two up and down in the center is mugwort(Artemisia), there is fields covered in them, many different types. The one in the upper left corner is some Urtica. Also you are right about Scrophularia .
What do you think about the first two pics, phalaris aquatica or something else maybe ?
I was hoping to find some amanita's muscaria as well(as kid i remember a lot of them in the place) but the shroom season is a little bit later..:love:
Heh, thanks! 😁

Unfortunately my experience does not extend to recognising P. aquatica. Chimp Z or Jamie might very well know.

Mugwort is a lovely herb that served as my reintroduction to botany. I had never heard of it but after it was pointed out to me it was clearly growing virtually everywhere.

For checking out that phalaris TLC would surely also be your friend.
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