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My new DMT Bubbler. Awesome:)

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Just ordered this bubbler bout an hour ago.

I'm dedicating this pipe to dmt. Which means dmt will be the only thing smoked in it.

I REALLY wanted to get one of these headie bubblers but I just can't spend $230 on a pipe.





Anybody else got a bubbler?
Excuse my ignorance, but how are you going to only use dmt in the bub? To my knowledge, If people do not vaporize dmt like they are supposed to, they usually make a dmt sandwtich out of marijuana or parsely.

You will need something to help the dmt not fall through?

Even a goodscreen doesn't seem effective and a flame would probally nuke it.
although eventually after i'm off probation i'll probably just smoke a lil bud out of it once in a while.
one could for example get a deep little crystallizing dish and put it on top. the dmt would need to be at the very top right on the other side of the glass for this to work. then one could heat the glass with a torch lighter from above so it will get hot and vaporize the dmt on the other side.
I have been trying to score this baby for months and i finally turned in the money order for it yesterday. She shall only be used for DMT
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