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My new experience with Dimitri

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I've always been fascinated reading others DMT trip reports, after every one I would think to myself "That must be an amazing, beautiful and spiritual experience" and in fact I would say I was right.

I recently started to FINALLY be successful with my extractions, after many failed attempts that made me wanna stop trying I'm glad I didn't. DMT is probably my #1 when it comes to connecting to myself, and kinda makes me feel connected with anything around me. The day I smoke even a little I always end up happy, motivated, energetic and happy to be alive afterwards. This is very different than my usual depressed self, and if you ask me I believe DMT helps me kinda of push depression away for a while (At least a couple days).

My trips usually consist of not blasting off (My goal is to blast off, but I have yet to be able to) but of smoking threshold to light doses. I always feel very philosophical when I'm smoking DMT, not sure if others feel this but I do. I always always either see these weird shapes that are somewhat... alive with mouths that open and close that turn into jester looking beings. Or I see stunning colors that shift into 3D rooms and shapes I've never even seen. I have experienced what I believe was the true terror some people get where your watching the show, and out of no where you feel compromised by this almost evil energy.

I've read a lot of trip reports on here, and I'm intrigued to see what you guys have experienced or what your first times with DMT was like. If you have seen any trips that sparked your interest, I'd be appreciative if you guys could reply with the link or a little taste of what your first time with this amazing tool was like. :d

Probably butchered my explanation of what I see but it's my first time explaining it, just remember that. :lol:
Well, to say the least I accidentally burnt it for the first hit and it was the roughest vapor I've ever inhaled. :sick:

Due to that terrible first hit, I didn't go to far. That and after the hit, I started to feel this fear type of feeling while the buzz was coming up. My girlfriend said maybe I got to much to fast, but I don't think that would cause these feelings.

I also had a sense that I had holes in my throat thanks to the harsh smoke, I got so nervous and scared that I forced myself to cough up for about 30 minutes. So this may be the cause of the fear/terror like feeling. Maybe someone else has had that feeling of holes in your throat after a harsh hit. I have to say though I'm gonna do 15mg - 20mg next time I think, that fear was a little hard to push away and I think it's best to meditate, and maybe learn from other explorers some tips on how to do this.
Sorry to hear that.
Im newer like you, and im about to try the "enhanced" method. I melted it over some dried peppermint. Maybe that will smooth it out for you.
Dont get discouraged, just calm your mind and stay strong.
DimethylDad said:
That actually sounds like a good idea to try, thank you for suggesting that to me

no problem!
I just tried to venture out to space with the mixture but my pipe was too restricting and I couldnt get a large enough hit. I had some good CEV and weird body high but otherwise, it was a bunked launch mission.

I did, however, get hungry right after I felt 75-85% normal. Ive noticed I get hungry after, every time.

EDIT: Look for the pinned post at the top of the CHANGA forum section. It explains how to do it with warm water. You can use acetone or something like everclear to melt the dmt, but hot water is way better/faster for just doing the "enhanced method"
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