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Stephen Guptill
Howdy all, I know it is tagged in my signature, but here I am to exclaim that my website is up and running.

If you know who I am not, then allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Stephen Guptill, I frequented these forums last summer a bit, and for awhile my computer wouldn't load the page, so it just sort of seperated until recently something drew me back here.

The website is a self built thing, I am not trying to sell you guys anything, cause the print sales will come soon enough, but the concepts expressed in my images you may enjoy for what they are right there on your computer screen.

Also there are several cartoons designed around various trips I have taken.

In general a lot of weird stuff for you to sink your teeth into.

As it is in it's infintile state sitll, please be patient (Should you care =P ) while this machine is built.

As for my intentions, should any of you be wondering, I am an Artist. Raised around and about while being trained for what I do now, that was my life. Now my life which is just begining is that of change. It is my intention to develop my influence as I continue to travel through my reality to eventually bring about a fully Eco Friendly and Free energy supply, free homes for everyone, and a system by which everyone in our country can be fed.

To do this though, I must start here.

Fellow psychonaughts, I ask you not for any money in this endevour, there will be plenty of that soon enough to fund these things, I humbly request your intentions. If you take a look at the site and believe with your core being for even a moment that it all starts here you will help sling shot this project into an even higher velocity and things will start to change faster.

With that said, I thank-you for reading this far.

Have a good one.
Ive followed your work since I first happened upon this site. Have any more lurking around, prolly have no place asking since i havent put up any art in a while. Really dig the alien head in your black and white section. Mind if I built on it? Feel free to swipe a concept or a backround from my collection.
Thanks a lot lucious.

The alien head is some what personal. From several dozen srcying sessions.

If you wanted to draw your own:

I would suggest eating a nice pile of dusted busted mushrooms, and a couple whole mushrooms all at once. Or take around three hits of LSD go for a run/long walk, preferably up a giant hill.

Then return to your abode where it is safe and secure. Sit on the couch as you relax from exerting yourself on the walk, smoke some weed or whatever. Ciggerettes will help push the shrooms or LSD furhter into your system, but please be aware smoking ciggerettes is prolly bad.

When things are well on their way and your world gets strange, walls breathing, lights pulsing softly that sort of thing, get up off your seat.

Go to the bathroom. Close the door. Stand in front of the mirror and look deep into your own eyes making sure to relax.

The start looking into yourself and you will see whatever lays underneith start to come forth.


Mind you there can be different faces under there.

I know of at least two in myself, the alien head of circuits which is my healthy spirit, and my scarred battle worn face which is underneith that one further.


Also keep in mind this is not highly encouraged at the same time due to the stress it tends to put on the psyche should one not be ready to view such things.


Ect ect I also highly encourage indepent thought. I do understand trading and such, however in an artistic sense I also believe highly in the individualistic properties that makes one an artist, and the propensity to produce particularly pequliar pieces of art on their own. Mind you some of my drawings I will admit are ripped off directly from various drug influenced trips.
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