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My rug

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Hopping through time and space
I have a blue rug, that my rabbit swears is magenta - much closer to red - every time he sees it on DMT.

He's spent whole minutes analyzing this phenomenon :lol:

Just thought you all would get a kick out of that!
Lately I've been smoalking and "rolling around on my rug" for fun. I find it's a really nice way to trip. Get the lighting just right, maybe throw on some radiohead, and roll around on the rug whilst in hyperspace. Sometimes I end up humping the rug. I've found I really enjoy it, and it's led to me working out a bit more too ( which is good ). Thought this was a good place to add that. :d
I used to see a little native american tribe that formed out of the grain of the wood on my desk. I'd stare at them and see them live their lives in the table. They were a very community focused tribe and while they knew I was there, they didn't mind me observing them.
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