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My sweaty palmed introduction

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Disclaimer: The 'I' referred to in this piece is an imaginary construct and should in no way be confused with the monkey brain behind cyberflapper.

Hello! I thought I'd launch into the introductory essay rather than continue on with the questionnaire; as a student of language and literature who intends to go on to study Jungian analysis, I'm a chemist only with particular psychonaughty teks. I kept falling down hyperlinked rabbit holes as I explored scientific terms behind terms on bleak Wikipedia pages, so I eventually shambled over here instead, a bit abashed about being so thick, but also wanting to get on with things. I greet thee.

Well, I've lurked here for a while. I'm a seasoned psychonaut who has sailed the seven chakras in all sorts of weather. LSD I love dearly, and have dabbled with various doses a hundred or so times. Shrooms I've tentatively made my acquaintance with, but they seem a bit shy, and I intend on figuring them out by and by. DMT blew me away through the hyperspatial stratosphere last year, and I've since partaken of the groovy sacrament twice, so three times in total, and each time going to precisely the same place and meeting the same entity, a sage and mischievous scribe standing before a tablet, constructing the world through code and language. And each time I (apparently) cry 'I don't know what my name is!' repeatedly, which is a bit odd, and it would be nice to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I'm here because I'm still brokenhearted with the gladness and shock of discovering that magic is real, and that yerrawizardarry isn't too far from the (hyper)reality of the average muggle's existence. I've touched that same independently stable and emphatically real space through dreams - twice - and through a high dose of acid, once. I can't fathom why DMT isn't more, well - central to the modern human experience? But I can too, of course, being vaguely aware of the way the world works. I suppose I want to cohere with a group of people who approach psychedelics in a sober (er, well you get my drift) and intelligent way; informed activists, who are curious and a bit Robin Hood and daring and good hearted.

I've scoffed lots of the canon of DMT books about, but not all, and I'm passionately interested in cross referencing experiences and formulating a language (xenolinguistics!) to express the inexpressible. I saw Arrival in the cinema lately, and it felt like a manifestation of something deeply archetypal and current in the zeitgeist.

I'm also a girl, and I feel that there should be a rallying of sorts for female (or those who identify as female) voices specifically, as too often drug experiences are imbued with a shouty machismo that warps something ineffable into a willy contest, and the female voice is unheard. Perhaps there could be a forum for the Nexeuse, or Nexienne? Not to divide, but to cohere a quieter and sometimes lonely community.

I'd love to be a full member too, and prowl and read everything. I'm also a member of my country's Psychedelic Society, and slog about with the occasional activism when I'm not being a rabidly dangerous delinquent smiling at mandalas under my eyelids.

Thanks! Stay groovy.

Papilla estelar - Remedios Varo - 1958​
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