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My very first extraction

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Hi all!

I just created my account which is crazy, as I'be been visiting the nexus for the past two years, learning as much as I can about the spirit molecule, it's effects, your experiences, how to extract it, different ways of consumption, and after trying spice for the first time last year, I was fascinated with the molecule. I doesn't matter how much you read and how much you think you are prepared... get ready to leave your human body and travel the multiverse.

So, after a long long time getting the necessary materials to extract my own spice and finding the time to do it, I finally did my first extraction.

After reading a lot of TEK's, I decided to go with the MAX ION TEK.
The plant material that I used was Oaxacan MHRB and my solvent of choice was Benzine which I believe is the equivalent to naphtha in my little corner of the world.
I used 100g of MHRB powder (shredded in blender, I used only the powder and saved the root thread for another time).
Yield was 1.3%. I was expecting to get yellow crystals, but I got nice and big white crystals.

Now the only problem is that I can't find fumaric acid anywhere in my little corner of the world which is a bummer cause I really wanted to try pharma.


Awesome crystals and pretty dang good results for a first extraction.. well done!

Welcome to the Nexus! You got my vote up right off the bat... one because you have been lurking and learning.. two because you have completed an impressive extraction with nice looking crystals... and three... looks like your a DJ!!

In case it helps attached is the expected DMT species vs. solution pH according to the free program that benzyme mentioned in the link above (Marvin Sketch).

If you want to drink pharma, you can simply dissolve the crystal you extracted is some lemon juice. Check the pH, if below 6 your dissolved DMT is now mostly in salt (pronated with an extra H+).


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They are a wonder to behold! I shall be reading up on that specific tec now.
Congrats on that as a first effort looks hard to beat!
Congratulations Hypatia!

Lovely crystals. The only negative thing I can say is - be careful, kitchen chemistry can be addictive.

Sometimes I think I enjoy extracting more than I like consuming... then I have a have a little smoalk and change my mind.
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