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Myself, as I am

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This is the best forum I have ever found for psychedelic discussion;
There are the obvious, general reasons, which are nonetheless amazing:
Supportive environment, knowledgeable posters, and a connected Wiki with extraction TEKs;
But the reason which really strikes home, for me, is that the majority of people here are aiming for the 'psychedelic' experience, as opposed to the the 'psycholytic'.

Even in California, the people I met in my own age range (early twenties) preferred to take doses of 100 mcg. of LSD, or <1 g. of mushrooms, and occasionally would even be concerned that I wanted to take more;
I have always aimed for a transcendent experience, one in which ordinary language is truly beneath the concerns of the mind while experiencing-
this is the difference between the 'psycholytic' and 'psychedelic' forms of therapy, a distinction I only learned after finding a copy of 'Altered States of Consciousness' by Charles C. Tart on the riverside, but which immediately resonated with my idea of what I was reaching for.

I still have not reached the 'breakthrough' experience I am looking for, but I keep trying, and have just started to reach into independent extraction.
I don't claim to know much about chemistry, but what I do know has been learned more from this forum than any other source.
I would be honored to be allowed to post my own questions here.
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