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Even with the same dose, there can be differences in sensitivity from person to person and day to day. On top of that the dose itself could have been different due to time in the lungs, actual vaporization, etc. Also, if the first couple folks did not vaporize every single mg, they may have left a few extra mg in the pipe for the last guy.
33mg was a good place to start. I've also read here that 20mg is recommended for newbies.

9/16/17 Edit: general consensus is that 20mg or lower is a good place to start. Sorry and my apologies.

After that I believe Terence McKena once said that if the first dose does not work, try a higher dose next time. Maybe something like 40mg which worked for me, but your first two friends should decide that for themselves.

33mg is not a good place to start. If that all vaporizes properly it is a very intense trip, especially for people with no prior experience with the substance.
Start with like 10 or 15mg, weighed out on an accurate scale, and learn to vaporize it properly first.
If you can't feel it, work on your technique, instead of upping your dose drastically.

But yes, people do react differently and need different amounts.
Make sure the pipe is cleared before the next person launches.

Be safe
The answer for having very different experience with same exact dosage is either difference in mental/spiritual readyness or most probably that everyone has a different breakthrough point/dosage.

Some people tend to cling more to the pshisycal reality some doesn't. As it varies, so the amount of DMT and MAOi does that'srequired for one to get to the breaktrhough point.

You can definitely increase chances to have an intense trip if you follow a plant based diet in the prior weeks or accurately set Maoi amount. The best works for me is the orally taken harmala made of syrian rue, but that method requires raised cautiosness(make sure to not consume anything in the prior 20-24 hours that went through a fermenting process in the making, and do not consume anything like that in the following 10-15 hours let's say) -follow these numbers to stay super safe, you do not want to risk any unwanted side effects that may lead to lethat consequences.

Any food contains tyramine are also to avoid when you either go for orally taken MAOi or higher amounts smoalked (e.g.like caapi leaves used as carriers usually).

What I would also suggest is to go one at the time so the others can act if anything goes wrong.

Here is an informative chart that tells what's allowed and what not to eat when dosing MAOi.

Trip is the answer! :D stay safe and trippy guys! :thumb_up:
Thanks for the input! I was also thinking the last to go might have had a larger dose from leftovers. But they did go one at a time.

Personally I know 33mg is a fair sized dose, but they wanted to break through and they felt confident in the dose size. Personally I did 50mg my first time, then closer to 33 (a third of a tenth), and then a smaller one of about 15. I have no reason to justify working backwards like this except chance or fate lol but I do think ~30 should've been great for them. I'm sure it could've been a number of things...

Thanks again though :thumb_up:
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