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Hello all, im REMOVED from Houston, Texas. The past week or so I have been reading up on DMT extraction and I have to say im absolutely intrigued. I've done some experimenting with mild halluciogens before, mushrooms, LSD, and salvia. From what I understand dimethyltriptomine is a chemical your brain pumps out during REM sleep cycles and I also read that its produced in near-death situations. Now I understand the term "my life flashed before my eyes." :shock: I am uber interested in the whole DMT experience and want to try it out. I have no intentions of mass production, just personal use. I understand the chemisty to it, now I just need a list of supplies. Is Mimosa Hostilius root bark the highest-yielding way to go? Where and how would I get it? Ive seen some easier routes and some harder ones, im trying to stick to the easier ones the first time around. Thanks in advance, I look forward to posting.
Yo Andru, whuddup?

I'm DarkShaman and I'm from Houston, TX (Westheimer), although I currently reside in the valley of the sun. I'll be moving back home eventually, though.

Shaman's advice:

-It is my humble opinion that mhrb is indeed the way to go. I prefer to use pre-powdered mhrb b/c it is convenient (plus I have never noticed any difference in potency between powdered, shredded, or whole). Look through the suppliers thread in the general info forum for tips on selecting a vendor.
-After heavy experimentation with numerous extraction methods I have reached the conclusion that Noman's tek (w/ a few personal modifications) is by far not only the fastest & easiest extraction to perform, but has consistently yielded the highest amounts of magic as well. However, I encourage you to experiment w/ other methods also as they will add to your understanding of dmt.
-Reading & exploring the generous resources located within the DMT Nexus will answer pretty much any question that you may have regarding how to go about performing a 1st extraction.

Good luck, yung homie, and keep it clean down there in the dirrty-dirrty!
Cool, im from the Spring area if you know where that is. Its maybe 30 minutes north of downtown Houston.

I think I have found the vendor I am going to use. REMOVED sells 56g of whole MHRB for $22. How much product should I expect to extract with 56g? I read MHRB contains in the area of 0.57% DMT, so if my math is correct am I looking at somewhere near 300 milligrams? If a single dose is 40-50mg that would be around 6 trips, correct? That seems like a high yield when I see others using upwards of 300g MHRB starting out.

Also, I know I can get the janitorial strength ammonia, but what about the pure Naptha? I know its in lighter fluid but ive heard the pure form is much better. Where would I get that? The only thing I want to order online is the MHRB, I figure I can get everything else at a store. Would the lye be availiable at a gardening store? Thanks for the input! :)
naphtha can usually be bought in hardware stores, in the solvent/paint section. Sometimes even in big supermarkets, in the cleaning section. Read the labels, make sure it says only naphtha. If possible even do a search on the internet for the brand name as it might have the information of chemical analysis/safety sheet of the specific detailed chemicals.

An STB with maybe a sodium carbonate wash and a recrystalization, it will be very pure stuff, but maybe not even necessary to do a recrystalization if you're not picky. (SWIM always does it most times, though, its nice to work with pure clean crystals)
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