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Naphtha prolem in Europe

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So I can get no VM&P Naphtha here in Italy. I wonder how can I find the right kind... should I just try to see if it evaporates leaving no impurities? if it does evaporate, then it's OK? Does it just need to be 100% naphtha or what?

Please direct me. :p

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Put some of it in a white or clear (preferably glass) dish or whatever, test it doesn't dissolve it first. Evaporate a small quantity, several tablespoons and check to see if it leaves any residue behind. If it doesn't then its pure naptha, or at least a suitable solvent.

Also, there is no 'right kind', each company produced slightly different naptha and they all work, pretty much as well as each other, you'd be hard pressed to find differences. If you're really unsure try a small test batch with a really small amount (20g of MHRB) to check if it works.
Swim has never tried Zippo but uses Ronsonol and its little brother Permafluid (both of which are basically VM&P Naptha) with great results. However heptane is a suitable replacement for Naptha.
West-en said:
benzyme said:

like zippo fluid
I've been adviced against Zippo fluid, but it should work out fine you say?
Also, I've been wondering if heptane is suitable as a replacement for naphta?

someone at the shroomery reported that zippo fluid evaps with no residue. it's essential composed of C7-C12 aliphatic hydrocarbons, making it a good candidate for freeze precipitation.

heptane is suitable as a replacement for naptha, but it's typically reserved for recrystallization because of its higher cost. light naptha has heptane in it anyway, along with pentane, hexane, octane, and nonane.
Chemically pure benzine (heptane) seems harder to get than a few years ago. But something that is quite common here in northern Europe is mineral turpentine, has anyone tried this with good results? The thing that worries me is that turpentine seems to be defined as C9-C16, which seems a bit high, will DMT still be soluble at reasonable quantities? Of course it will be checked for residue before anything, so the main question is if even longer alkanes dissolve spice?
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