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Naphtha pulling question, 24+ hours

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Before I ask my question I just wanted to say that I tried using the search function, but it's a bit wonky :?

So do to my freezer being a POS, I won't be able to get it to the appropriate temperature for at least another 12 hours. Would it be ok to leave my naptha + bark solution in the jar until the freezer is ready? Or should I siphon off the naptha into a jar and just let it sit until my freezer is ready?

-Thanks in advance

EDIT: Here's a current picture

A friend of mine used the EXACT same jar in what appears to be the same proportions of solution and left it for over 24 hours. The jar held up fine, it was just a bitch to siphon the naphtha in that thing... or so he says.

PS he had great success.
Either way.

I'd leave it in...better yet, I'd pull it and let it sit in the freezer while it cools off. This will result in larger crystals.
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