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Naphtha residue noobs

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Hello fellow travelers,

Been busting my ass last few days, searching for NON residue naphtha all over the northern pole because they all seemed to leave behind some small watermark residue when I tested them. I was using very clean glass bottles or dishes for the test.

Since I'm using pyrex dish for the pulling I thought hey it's made of glass I'll test this naphtha on the pyrex. NO residue what so ever. Maybe everyone knows this already but if I can help one person now or 1 day in the future then I'm happy.

Sorry maybe this contains in "is my solvent ok to use thread" but I just thought it would be more vivid to google this way

Been a lurker here w/o account and a fan of spice for 8-9 years and can't wait to join the club and post my first trip report very soon
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