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Naptha filter, is this safe to use?

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I am fairly new to DMT extractions and was in my chemistry class yesterday where we used some filters on the end of a syringe, I was wondering if these would be safe to use when separating the Naptha from the basified layer. They are made from polysulfone which appears to have no interaction with Naptha and I have syringes made from glass and HDPE that fit them. I know that you need to let the layers separate so there shouldnt be any solids but this could just help to ensure it along with possiblyt removing some of the gunk you end up removing during a re-x step?

Link for the filter: http://www.merckmillipore.com/AU/en...sulfone-33mm-gamma-sterilized,MM_NF-SLGP033RS

Link for polysulfone chemical compatability chart: Valmet: technologies, services and automation to pulp, energy and paper industries
Those filters are pretty small. Filtering any significant volume of naphtha would take ages.

I'd use them for ensuring a solution is free from unwanted particulates before using as a nasal spray or similar.
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