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Naptha not separating after mixing

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Hello All,
I'm doing an STB on four 250 gm batches. 250gm MHRB plus 300 gms lye and 1000ml of water. On my second extraction on the first two batches and the naptha is no longer going to the top. Any advice is appreciated, don't remember having this issue before.
Thanks! I usually heat on third extraction, I'll move it up on one and see what that yields!
doubledog said:
If heating doesnt help, add some water to dilute it, 1000ml water per 250 g of bark seems too thick to me.
This. Also, committing 250g bark to an extraction and fouling it up is a good illustration of how it's perhaps better to stick to smaller batches...
Double checked and I used 1500ml, it is soupy enough to pass thru a separatory funnel , it was powdered MHRB. First extract without re-x is at 2.3 grams light yellow, fluffy and soooo floral schmelling. I highly recommend buying a good lab evaporative dish, I was tired of glass casserole dishes with uneven bottoms.:)
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