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Naptha VS Hexane

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Hi travelers, i am from south america, sooo I dont have naptha available, just hexane.
I was wondering if the amount of hexane would be the same as that used with a naphtha extration?

Hexane will not work well as an pulling solvent, though it will do fine for re-x. If given significant time, it should pull a clean product, but the yield will be low and very slow to come. This seems to be the trend with using lower MW solvent for pulling. I like using naphtha for pulling and heptane(bestine/) for re-x. Good luck
A little warmth like 40 deg C might be welcome during the pulls, I think hexane will do fine then if that is what you can get. It's more volatile, be prudent.
abrahamx said:
order naptha online.

To buy or import naphtha I need a license from the National Oil Agency, so it is not an option.

I make extractions with hexane to three years now and it works, but as it was said the yield is smaller than with naphtha. Yield is between 1.0% and 1.5%.

Soon post photos of the first pull for comparison.

Thanks a lot guys.
What TEK are you using? Max ion with warmed solvent (like Jess mentioned and was also mentioned in the link posted) should give good clean pulls with hexane. If you think there is still some DMT left in the basic soup you can repeat pulls. If you really don't like to repeat pulls and want a less selective broad pull can you get toluene?
Both work. Just make sure to pull till no more dmt comes out.
And also reuse the hexane. Meaning you pull with it. Freeze it. Get the DMT.
And then pull with it again. This will minimize hexane usage and waste and will reduce the amount of dmt stuck in the hexane.
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