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Need help measuring Changa

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Hello, I really need the help of an expert.

I'm ready to try my first Changa batch and I'm looking for that "gentler Changa" ratio. I *do not* want to have a breakthrough and want a "light" experience.

I'm looking to make 1 gram of Changa: 250mg DMT, 250mg Cappi, 500mg Blue Lotus.

Would a 25% DMT, 25% Caapi, 50% Blue Lotus ratio be correct for my intention?
That sounds fine.

You can just use smaller amount at first. The strength depends on many factors including your DMT extract potency, technique of administration, number of tokes etc.
It's also fine to make a stronger mix and just put less in your pipe.

That way in the future you can just put moar in if you want. :)
Personally i would make a stronger mix like northerner suggested.When its really weak its hard to smoke enough for threshold even. Unless you are using a really large bowl/pipe or rolling joints
Yup that works, for that ratio I'd probably start with around 50mg of that blend and increase from there [at 50mg of that blend it should be around 12mg dmt +/-].

Though as Northerner mentioned I'd just make a standard 1:1 blend and just do smaller dosages given the ratio. I mean yeah it's stronger, but only if you load the pipe accordingly. Just load less.
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