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Need help with shriveling peyote asap


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My lophophora williamsii caespitosa quit receiving water at the end of august so not to induce root rot. It has recently started to shrivel like a raisin and i am hesitant to give it any water. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Mine did the same when it was outdoor. I thought about it being the cold so I brought it inside and after some week it looked better. (no water here)
Mine is indoor. I usually have a space heater running and that paired with clearer skys may have resulted in the shriveling. I cant think of any other relevant changes in its environment.
Bumping because of worsening condition. If i water and never turn my space heater off til the summer will it die?
You could help detail your soil composition and such to help us ID your situation, but if you are witnessing a rapid deterioration, I would consider taking the plant out of the soil and inspecting the root system for fungus infection or rot-- you need to find out what's happening.
My soil is mostly perlite with some seed starting mix very well draining and bone dry since august. All standing water evaps because of the space heater and the peyote has no dicoloration like plants ive seen suffering from root rot in the past. It just started shriveling like if i took a healthy button and left it in a well ventilated area to dry for consumption. Looks healthy despite being dry a few smaller buttons totally shriveled. My current hypothesis is the past few days there have been 0 clouds combined with the heater probably created spring/summer like conditions. Could i water it once to restore homeostasis if i keep the temp and light high until all the water is absorbed or evaporated? I cant find much info on overwintering these plants.
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