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Need help with STB!

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Hey guys, SWIM is performing his second STB. He used limonene as the extracting solvent, and now has a sticky goo that won't harden into anything smokable! Should he redisolve this into 99% IPA and siphon of any leftover limonene, or should he redisolve this into 5% vinegar, then basify the solution, and rextract with naptha. The second option feels like it would defeat the purpose of using limone, since SWIM did not want to use petrochemicals in this extraction.
SWIM wondered about the same problem. Thanks for asking, he planned to do the second option as he knows that it works althought a lot of yield will be lost. However he did not think about the first option and I guess he will test it before.
In SWIM's experience SWIM could not get any spice out of sodium carbonated liquid.

SWIM added enough to make the ph >11 but the naptha pulled nothing compared to the 100 mg that the same liquid basified with lye yielded.

Just SWIMs experience, SWIM knows the chemistry facts say it should work....

But your vinagar solution, basified with NAOH or CaOH should yield 100% of what they have in them with a few naptha pulls.
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I'm pretty sure that reacting NaOH with acetic acid yields some kind of underiable compound. I really think I read that around here somewhere.
Yes, it's sodium acetate.

Totally harmless and it only stays in the aqueous phase!

Oh, thanks. Didn't know it stay in the aquaeous phase.
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