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negative entity attached

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Hi all,

I had been doing DMT for a couple of months perhaps once every other week.
However last week my mother (who is into spiritualism) felt compelled to see a medium whom, without prompting, had told her that her son had been doing 'some sort of meditating' that was very dangerous because there was a very strong negative entity or 'Jinn' (she called it) that had (or was close to) attached itself to him.
She said "he has accidentally opened up a 'portal' without protection and is in grave danger"

My mother then asked if the medium could remove it, she said no because she was not powerful enough.
She went on to say its either close to, or has already attached itself.- and that he should stop immediately.

Naturally all this has spooked me out somewhat. I have stopped using DMT. But I wanted to get people's thoughts on whether they think that negative entities can attach themselves to you via DMT.

Any thoughts welcome, thanks, Derms
I wouldn't buy into superstitious thinking. Seems kind of silly in my mind. There is no entity attached to you and you are not in grave danger. Smoalk moar!
There is no connection to be made for favour in the universe. ;) All mediums are charlatans.

Some old duck you never met having the powers to envision your psychic relation with the universe, for some personal favour for your Mum. But not having power over the universe to change it? ---Jinn? (stereo-type boogie man, choose your faith)

C'mon right...

The only negative you may be experiencing from this is because you don't accept this as exactly what it is.

Reject nonsense. Perceive reality.
can they attach themselves. Yes. Personal experience. These things do seem to happen

But 'not enough power to shut down the portal' .. this is not lotr xD
I don't want to know how that dialogue went down.

With some pure intent you can achieve pretty much everything.

Happy smoking :d
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