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neural net learns psychedelic rock...

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...and the result is NOT good.

as one russian listener wrote, "for a computer it's ok" :)

once upon a soviet time in siberia there was a cult punk and psychedelic rock band named "civic defence" (a real expression from soviet times, with very concrete mundane meaning).

the group was famous for their "high poetry" lyrics, but beware, very russian/slavic in moods and sensibilities. for example, try that for size, a representative expression, roughly and clumsily in english, "eternal spring in a solitary confinement".

apparently some it employees from big russian internet companies recently decided to train neural networks to make music similar in style, with real vocals... titled "neural defence".

only in russia :)

personally, i am NOT impressed, but decide for yourself. also on iTunes, Google.Play and Amazon Music, they say.
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