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Neurophysiological/psychological effects of DMT

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Can anybody help me out here? I'm interested in how DMT works on our neurones and synapses...and possible theories/knowledge on how these physical actions lead to something so beautifully intangible. Has there been any recent studies into this sort of thing...I think i'm probably asking a lot here!?

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

I do appreciate that there won't be any full explanations, but anything that provides clues would be great?
on the information subforum, there is a sticky thread called 'scientific articles about dmt/ayahuasca/psychedelics' .. theres a few papers there that might interest you
^^Yes specifically a number of new papers have come out talking about the role of endogenous DMT and its activity on a class of neural receptors known as the Trace amine recepters. It appears dmt may be involved in sensory perception.
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