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Neuroscientists Discover a Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent

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Article on the study:

Seems to have some minor binaural in there?

It is very peaceful. May help someone with liftoff jitters?

To the song directly:

~I met a shaman.
Thank you Metashaman!
I can never decide what song to listen to before and during the experience. I will definitely listen to that the next time!
You have to listen to the whole album though!Its intense!
I have it in flac and listen to it once in a while,havent listen to it while on trip!
Thank you nonetheless!:) :) :)
Its alright but i have heard much better ones like natural 432 hz tibetan bowels with rain and nature sounds, wind chimes, deep flutes which take me much deeper and more peaceful then that one.

I guess compared to regular music its the best for anxiety but i've heard meditation music that is far more powerful.
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