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neville goddard

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hello ,

i was wondering if any of you guys have ever heard of Neville Goddard he was a "mystic" giving lectures from about 1940 - 1970 about the nature of consciousness saying that we are all imagination
that consciousness is the only reality and that we are god imagining himself as men.

he tells that the bible ( which i always thought was nonsense) is not literal but psychological and that all people mentioned there are states of mind and that all the stories are allorgies? methaphores about how we create our own realities.

i always searched for answers and found a lot of people who claimed to know but always just seemed to be talking from theory and with him its all about experience ..he also always urges you to not belive him but test his premise..that imagining creates reality...

i did test that and went from homeless and broke to being back in a house of my own and secure financially...just by changing my state from oh everything is going so bad to I am secure :)

its hard to put what i want to say in a post , all i can say is that when i do what he says it almost always gives results and sometimes when it seems like it didnt work i find out a few moths or years later that eventually i did get what i imagined..

it also seems to fit with a lot of the stories i read here on the nexus about being thought that we create our own realities

he also describes some visions he has had and they always remind me of dmt trips

Neville Goddard - 1948 Lesson 1 - Consciousness is the only Reality here is one of his lectures if you are interested

in my opinion he is one of the few "teachers" that actually believe and know from experience what he is talking about..

this is a video from a old student of neville telling about him that is very interesting

i am really curious if any of you are familiar with him and what you think about him and what he is saying
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