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New 2 DMT and the forum

Hey everyone I'm new and just getting started with trying to understand the dimension I have only had brief glimpses of ..... to say it's amazing is such a understatement.

Looking to learn how to extract my own DMT. [[REDACTED BY MOD]]

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Hello @seeing4thefirsttime,

Welcome to the Nexus! No matter how much praise one gives the magic induced by DMT, it will never be enough. If you came here to learn about the extraction, chemistry, and philosophy around DMT, you came to the right place.

I just wanted to kindly remind you to read through our Attitude Page, with special attention paid to the No discussion on selling, buying, sourcing, acquiring, pricing, trading, receiving, distributing, mentioning pending deliveries or smuggling of drugs part of it. Another thread you should go over is Bye bye MHRB sourcing talk, we will remember you.

Please understand that we need to take those rules seriously and can't take a risk on them without putting this beautiful community in jeopardy. As you will see, I've edited your post a little bit.

Thank you for the understanding, and enjoy the forum! ❤️
Welcome to the Nexus @seeing4thefirsttime <3

Be sure to check out the extraction tek wiki and the FAQ; there you will find a wealth of information to help you get on your feet for your first extraction. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper safety precautions and practice them earnestly.

Tell us a little about your experience with DMT and other entheogens. You mentioned having an "amazing glimpse"... sounds like a cool experience :)

Again, welcome, and safe travels

Now that the guys have gotten that out of the way and hopefully you have had a chance to read the Attitude, please let me give you a very warm welcome.

It sounds like you have had a taste (so to speak) of DMT. . . . hehe. . . . and like you liked it, :D.

Do you have a lot of psychedelic experience. Would you describe your letting go/surrender skillset as advanced? These things are not prerequisites but they sure help in working with DMT.

Are you going to move forward with self-extraction? Have you chosen a TEK yet?

Also, would you be willing to share what your glimpses of hyperspace were like?

I hope you find what you are looking for here and never stop learning. Again, welcome.
Hey seeing4thefirsttime, welcome :)

As you can probably already tell we have a really knowledgeable community of people here. Enjoy soaking it up and engaging! Also curious as to your hyperspacial glimpses .. I'm guessing you used either mimosa or acacia? Did you extract it yourself? If not, I echo Pandora's often mentioned sentiment that it is worth pursuing .. as it adds depth to your experiences.

On the note of depth, have you begun or considered cultivating any tryptamine plant species? There are a number of cold hardy species that should do well where you are. Growing the plants can give further context to the DMT experience IMO. Learning about the lifeforms that synthesize these compounds has in my experience added a great deal of depth/perspective.
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