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New and trying DMT

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Hi! I am a new member, and I will be trying first Salvia, then DMT for the first time in my life. I am a recovering alcoholic and am a member of an organization to help treat my alcoholism. I will not get into specifics, but a major part of the program within the organization is spirituality, and building a relationship with ones higher power.

It is my hope that DMT and/or Salvia can help me achieve this. I will be obtaining some root bark shortly. SWIM is also gathering the needed supplies for a safe and efficient extraction.

I have done extensive research on both substances and would love any tips so as to do them more safely and effectively, and to gain the maximum amount of benefit from each substance. From what I gather, a trip sitter is a must have when it comes to salvia... though I understand DMT is sort of a gray are when it comes to trip sitters.

Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated... preferably someone with a lot of experience, though any thoughts/opinions are welcomed.
Hi spiritual_thinker, and welcome!

No need to SWIM around the Nexus. It doesn't offer any protection, legally speaking. And sorry to say, but there is no talk about sourcing materials anymore. Would you mind editing your post?

In regards to your question on DMT (I have no experience with Salvia unfortunately). My advice would be to have a sitter for your first time if that makes you feel comfortable, but it's not utterly necessary. It can be nice to talk about the experience with someone who knows you well to offer some insights or comfort though.

There are a few things to think about when delving into this world - state of mind (set, good mood, clam), your location (setting, safe and comfortable place, loose clothing, nice smells and music.. if that's your thing), the purity of the molecule (good extraction tek), your smoking device/technique (GVG or good bong for changa), and also intention can be key. If you have these things sorted, then a bad experience is less likely to arise.. difficult maybe, but this can be extremely beneficial. Specially when considering your reasons for going down this path.

I wish you well
Thank you all for your help and advice. I have edited my post as well.

When I do the DMT, I will be dissolving it in rubbing alcohol, then soaking the rubbing alcohol into sage, then smoking the sage. Also, if a trip sitter is not a must, I will be doing the experience alone. I figure I can always sign on to the chat here and talk about my experiences with those whose really understand.

Also, I have heard of Ayahuasca and the benefits it provides associated with addiction. I would love to do it, when I have the means to.
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