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New born Psychonaut saying hi

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To find all the knowledge in the world...you just
Good morning guys and gals

Just would like to say a massive hi to all of you and thank you. During my very brief experience,some threads and topics on here have been pivotal in helping me understand the processes, what could happen and how to learn from each experience.

As my title says, I am new born to the beautiful and insightful world of psychedelics...this came from a trip with Aya.
Now I must admit, my previous experiences with substances were all recreational and (in most cases after a number of beers) and didnt really teach me anything, but after alot of research (at least 3 months scouring the internet, watching videos, reading testimonials) I decided I wanted to delve into my soul.
After speaking with the wife (who is an avid "no drugs" kinda lady) even she was interested in this experience but we needed to plan it properly (as we have 3 kids who very rarely are away for the night).
Well, for my 40th birthday I was able to get the ingredients to brew this magnificent tea, the kids were at the grandparents and we had it all planned out.
Now dont judge us, but as we had researched this we knew there were some messy factors to take into account, and to negate them and provide a safe set and setting we decided that me laying in the bath with blankets and pillows would be a good option.
Well it turned out to be perfect apart from the fact that it was the hottest day of the year here and my bathroom has no windows :D
I drank the first cup and about 20 mins later i start seeing colours strobe behind my eyelids, the Mrs came in and asked if I was alright, to which i stupidly said i was, and could she leave me for a while as "she was distracting me"...idiot.
I took the second cup and BAMM I was hit by a wave of disorientation...I could barely speak and suddenly I felt like I was overheating...I had to bang on the bath to get her attention...she returned to which I said I didn't like this, get the fan and generally was feeling very sorry for myself...this (according to the Mrs) went on for about 10 mins, but then it occurred to me that this was ego death, this was supposed to happen and I should just breath...to which i did and it calmed me down.
Then I was propelled into this amazing landscape of colours i have never ever experienced before, I could see my family represented by their own colours but i knew it was them (at this point i was laying on the edge of the bath...i was amazed at every little thing...even my breath, I opened my eyes and saw my wife sitting next to me smiling...and she had colour radiating from her...I asked lots of questions..."where are the babies?...I do tell you i love you...you are so pretty" etc.
I saw what i call the Aya snakes...weaving in a figure 8 in the distance, I somehow sensed that they were keeping that distance so i could experience it but under their watchful eye.
This went on for hours it seemed.
Then i saw my eldest daughter (who was at nanny's) take her phone out...and from the phone the colours started draining, turning grey and black...i asked her to put it away, why couldn't she see that it was draining her colours?
then the whole world starting turning grey and black with what started out as bramble thorns..i willed my family away as this was a dangerous place now.
I saw my Nan (she was very ill at the time and was a collector of dragons) in the distance...she was represented as a purple dragon...but most of her body was gone...she was fading...(this next bit sounds weird) I could see her ribs and her backbone...but the fire in her eyes were still fierce, but as she was fading, a river of colour came from her spin and flooding into the rest of my family.
Obviously there was a lot more to it but I've gone on so much already.
What surprised me was that as suddenly as it started, it was also finished. I was under for a total of 3.5 hours.
The whole thing changed my outlook on life, anger was barricaded away...i could feel it but behind a bubble of warmth.
It took a good 3 weeks before i even raised my voice, colours were amazing to me now...I felt at peace...even things like not eating bacon (and i loved bacon)...milk i cant drink anymore.

My poor wife got so bored of me talking about it, but she understood. The experience made me want to try new way to "bring back the colours and learn", so i tried HBWR...only small amounts...some experiences but not in the same league...and recently I have tried Salvia in small amounts too...to which I can see great opportunity to learn there (as long as im sensible).

Anyway, sorry for the long winded story, there were others but I thought this would be the one to properly introduce me to you guys.

Any thoughts or opinions on the above I will welcome, I look forward to getting to know you.
Best regards
Welcome, thanks for sharing. I am pretty new to this as well, this site has such an awesome community. I have only started my journey, but I feel that with the knowledge, experience, and understanding that this community offers, I am well equipped.

I have never done Ayahauasca, only FB. It is something that I would like to experience, though.
Thanks for the welcome L.D :D
I have been going through the forum for sometime now and also find the people here very informative and have great attitudes with each other.

Nice to be acquainted

I lurked for seveal months befor applying and then, after deciding to join the nexus, forgot to register during the weekend for several MORE months. lol

It is such a pleasant change to experience this sense of community, rather than the often negative and unenlightening experience of social media.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing you around the board.

Welcome and have a nice stay: I'm fresh cookie on the forums too but Nexus is and was a great resource-sharing centre. Come in to `chat` sometimes so we can shake hands :) Cheers.
I love aya! It sounds like you had a great experience. I always drink aya outside it feels more right than indoors. I've also seen a phone drain the spirit out of someone, thats trippy isn'tit.
Hi scruboftheib, as it was my first time I thought I would be safe... Definitely going to do it in a more comfortable setting next time 😀 That's amazing that you had a similar vision... Have you done a trip report on yours? I would love to read it.
I had a bad one a few weeks ago. Tittled purge sucks. Not the soul drain that was about three or four months back. I'm visiting hyperspace space around once a month, with a small group of friends.
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