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New here . Need help with some confirmations

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hey guys , this is my first post here , am really glad to be part of such friendly community so thx for having me .
straight to the point i have been reading through the forums about the harvest and extraction process and i was amazed to realize the amount of possibly dmt containing plants in my country (egypt) and even more amazed to find one next to my bloody house
thing is this plant i have seen for what the past 20 years and wow it may have dmt in it ....
the species in question here is acacia nilotica or acacia senegal

if confirmed to be these which extraction tek would u guys prefer with such an acacia a/b or stb or smth else i have found topic to tek called dmtek but i don't have the privileges to download them
last and sorry if iam being a bit questiony , which should i go for stem bark or root bark i hear both work but i wanna go for the stem to keep that tree alive and by bark u mean the second layer underneath the dead protective layer on the outside


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