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New horizons

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Hi ladles and jellyspoons,
My name is Not Applicable, I've been wondering about aimlessly for quite some time.
I have had some contact with DMT prior to my latest interaction whereby the whole world changed for me. New ideas ways of working and attitudes towards life have come to the front and I'm currently trying to assimilate all this new information and try and come to some sort of sense and decide on a direction to go in ( BTW if you ever get the opportunity to visit Portugal i can highly recommend a certain bi annual festival)
Feeling the yoga playing with magic and being an all round good person are some of my current goals in life along with learning to speak in plain language as speaking in metaphor does my teammates heads in!!!
This is all I have to share for now as reality is calling for my attention.

Have a good one :):!:
Welcome to the Nexus!

DMT is a strange beast of a molecule that can bring about change in the most profound ways it seems! Glad to hear it is working for you! That being said, I hope you are able to find what you are seeking here. Enjoy the forum!


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