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[New moderator] tatt

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The Traveler

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Hi all,

Today with the new changes benzyme was already added to our moderator club.

I'm now happy to announce that tatt also agreed to be a moderator to help us with keeping the forum clean and organized.

Tatt is a modest senior member who has been with us since 2009, while being modest tatt has some extensive life experience that can bring some new perspective to many people.

Welcome aboard tatt!

Kind regards,

The Traveler
Congrats to Tatt, one of the coolest people I know on here. Hard to call someone youve never met one of your best friends, but I believe tatt to be that. He has been a great help to me my entire time here. All I can say is it is well deserved, as he helps everyone as he helped me. Thanks for all you do Tatt, yo are the man!
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