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New research shows a link between Salvinorin A and the DMN

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The Default Mode Network (DMN) is by now a familiar name in popular psychedelic circles. It’s a collection of brain areas that talk loudly to each other when we’re not doing any focussed tasks – basically when we’re daydreaming, thinking about ourselves, or conceptualising the past or future.

We know two important things about the DMN: it’s overactive in depression, and psychedelics can help to reset it. Studies have shown that classic psychedelics LSD and psilocybin can dramatically reduce the chatter of the DMN during a psychedelic experience, and allow it to re-form itself into a more stable network afterwards – correlating with decreased depressive symptoms. [..]

Now, new research has shown that Salvinorin A is also connected to the DMN. Twelve experienced psychonauts were given doses of Salvinorin A while in an MRI machine, which showed that the unique psychedelic reduced the connectivity of the DMN in a very similar way to LSD and psilocybin.

Original paper: The Acute Effects of the Atypical Dissociative Hallucinogen Salvinorin A on Functional Connectivity in the Human Brain - Scientific Reports
This doesn't surprise me. I imagine it's more a function of a novel shift in perception more than it is the chemical or activity that acts as a catalyst.
thanks for this... I am actually taking Andrew Gallimore's Psychedelics and the Brain Master Course as we speak and it is touching the DMN towards the end.

quite interesting and useful stuff.
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