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Good Morning to all the Nexians great and small,

I have been itching to become apart of the community for sometime now, and I way happy I am allowed in.

I always knew that something wasn't right with the world as I was growing up. Being a rebellious teen , fully fitted with angst to boot. With this dissatisfaction came self abuse in the form of alcoholism shooting up crushed pills and sniffing glue drinking daytura to name a few.Although I danced upon the razors edge I never became a full time resident at the trailer park called addiction. I was rather a tourist not really enjoying it but using it as something to pass the time and sedate the voice screaming from within . As I grew older my destructive habits increased, whilst relationships were being destroyed , and In a way I feel as though I wanted to hit the bottom and have nothing to distract me while I found my footing and crawled back with my own strength.
A mind filled with indoctrination and brainwashing needed to have the chess pieces smashed off the board for a fresh start.
With the world as isolated from my bubble I went down the path of self discovery. Asking the hard to ask questions and facing my true self.
This task didnt just randomly occur I have my non-globe worshiping roots to thank as it engaged my critical thinking so that I would not become stuck in a BS vortex/rabbit hole of lies. This and meditation were many paths that lead me to DMT. It is hard to say the exact timeline when I found dmt for healing ,or should I say it found me .Literally no body around me was into it, or had even heard of it. Not that there was anyone around anyways.

When I first took a spice journey into the unknown I didnt know what to expect as I had done no research on its effects only researched the safe uses. As I lit my spice and inhaled my technique was all over the shop. I used too little possibly and became really angry not understanding why it didnt work so I poured the whole bag of spice into my pipe ------then SHAZAM!!I was beamed to the carnival that words cannot describe. Time wtf is that reality ...that was out for the night I was gone daddy gone.

Long story short I saw my EGO and the material world for what it truly was , and was speechless for days , I literally felt as though I had killed myself and saw the true nature of reality.My partner saw the massive change in me and was also curious and took the plunge now we are both disciples of the inner verse of our consciousness as all the answers are from within.

There is much to this story but Ill keep it short.


From this point forward I started to become less dependent upon materialistic pleasures(as much as possible),the journey also reinforced my beliefs in all life being sacred and continuation of vegetarianism . My EGO based goals had changed for the better, I also found a way to manage my depression anger and sadness. It was like seeing 100 psychiatrists in 5 mins . I faced my fears and realized my EGO needs a prune every so often.

I am currently extracting bark as a newbie but am yet to find the tek which best fits me. Extracting also goes hand in hand with my goals of going off the grid and supporting my self whilst not relying heavily on the creature comforts and trappings of modern day society.

Anyways I could go on forever but I am at work atm lol And I don't think you want to read the full set of encyclopedias regarding my life, in short Id like to say THANKYOU DMT NEXUS so much and I hope to share my wins and fails to people regarding my entheogenic discovery's.

Peace love and screw the government hehe
Welcome to the Nexus claudiablackfield!

Sounds as if you've come a long way in your time.

You'll probably fit in rather well around these parts, just keep in mind the attitude rules (it's good to read them at least a couple times)...

If I may, I would suggest that you change your wording in the first sentence of your second paragraph there, and not mention "ordering" anything (once again, rules to keep us all safe).

Other than that, good job on the introduction and I hope to see you around the forum...

P.S. My wife & I homestead off-grid and are avid anti-government types so, if you ever have any questions regarding that type of thing feel free to ask.
Thx Doc ,Ill be sure to cut the fat with you regarding OFG topics it has become a core belief of mine. And yeah I changed the sentence to be more appropriate. Look forward to filling my head with useful information from this amazing library of experience .
Welcome to the nexus! Glad to have you here for sure!

I enjoyed reading your intro and instantly felt some kinship there!

So kick your feet up and relax, make yourself at home and please feel free to share.

Awesome DmnStr8 thx and salutations,
I could definitely find an avenue to express my journeys here, some of my goals would be to define the experiences in metaphorical ways. I have a couple up my sleeves already.
I also want to share my lift-off techniques as I find its quick easy and clean
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