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Dear members,

Even though discussing real world politics are seemingly the easiest way to break up any longstanding friendships due to some trivial disagreements, I still think and hope that with a few hard rules we can have a working political subforum.


These rules are hard rules, so keep that in mind when posting in the Politics subforum.

* Keep it civil.
* Do not polarize
* Do not fall back onto dogma's
* Make your case and back it up with a well thought out and easily understandable words.
* If I see any Nazi image(s) posted, no matter how funny you think they are, it will simply result in an instant suspension. Try this twice and you will be gone for a long time.


Just like the special 'Through the Looking-Glass' subforum this forum will:

* NOT show up in any search engines
* NOT show up in the active topics list
* New members can NOT post in this subforum

Kind regards,

The Traveler
cyb said:
... EEEEK !!! ...


Yeah.... Never discuss politics or religion or it all tends to go south fairly quickly. I remember the thread saying that political discussions are over on the nexus and there are plenty of other places that we can engage and vent our spleens. The nexus is for discussing psychedelics and perhaps even an escape from the political maelstrom that appears to be engulfing the west.
The other side of the coin is that with things developing as they are in the outside world these kinds of subjects needs to be discussed by us. There are members on this forum that have helped me to get a better understanding of political machinations. As far as this forum goes i want to know what a member thinks on a particular subject even if i don't agree with them.

It is so easy to get annoyed with other peoples point of views in regard to politics. Ive got friends who ive known for a looong time who have come out what seems to me to be terrible rhetoric but i know that they are lovely people, while at the same time thinking that they are in some way sullied. Very divisive times.
Obliguhl said to me (after one of our debates) that many people have similar ideals but different ways of getting there and i agree.

It's a given that the political discussions will get heated but if we can all maintain an air of civility maybe we can help to educate each other. Good call on the politics subforum Trav and lets not call eachother nazis.
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