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New Theory Nixes "Dark Energy": Says Time is Disappearing from the Universe

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Found this article intersting. Why would it be necessary for time to have a constant value? This fits in with relativity as well doesn't it? It could be that our time may be running out! :lol:

The way I can imagine it, and this would validate your space/time stuff being constantly created is to imagine a Torus in perpetual motion. I had trouble finding a good video, i've seen some that have good animanted ones as their avatars but this is the best representation I could find at the moment.

Time and space are created in the center and flow outward, where time would appear to slow down, and space would appear to be expanding and rapidly, before coming around the curve and heading back into source.

Ok, so you don't like the donught...how about this one?


Some good questions and postulations there Fiashy! It is weird to think about, but this type of action would acccount for the inflationary nature of the early universe. From my understanding the universe is expaninding more rapidly the closer you look to our current "time" that the rate has been increasing since the early universe. Time would appear to slow down, thus accounting for the apparent increase.

With the sphere conceptualization, it would fit more with our observations, in that whereever you looked you would be looking back toward the beginning, and there doesn't need to be any hole. But also looking toward the end, in which case everything would look the same anyway? Hmm, but wouldn't you see contraction, or would the reverse flow of time make a contraction look like an expansion? Now i've confused myself! :lol: Or are we limited to a forward perspective since everything is moving outward from the center such as:


Just condeptualize that in three dimensions, and the center hole would not be percieveable as there is no light or matter...just an outward flow of time and space, that eventually returns back to center. Would time necessairly have to run backwards, or rather just move forwards with space contracting upon itself in a Big Crunch? Time is fast in the beginning, slows down near the center point, and then speeds up again as we round the bend, still forward by varying rates of speed depending on where we reside along the continum of the torus.

Interesting thought experiments, wish my brain worked better to conceptualize and communicate these ponderings
Time is literally what we measure on a clock. Any kind of clock.

The arrow of time is moving in a direction that is increasing entropy. If time is slowing down then so are physical processes that cause an overall increase in entropy.

Interesting proposal.

Very interesting thread but i have a problem with the theory of time running out as time does not exist so how can something that does not exist run out?

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time dissapearing obviously begs the question: dissapearing to where?

what about all sorts of parallel universe where space-time flows in between ? So from our perspective it might seem like time is running out or there is dark matter, but its actually that space-time flows into another universe...

but thats just some simple thought from someone with very limited knowledge in this all :)
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