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new VaporGenie handcrafted from teak wood..

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at vaporgenie.com ! check it out! i ordered one today.

i love my genie so much, that i want one for weed and one dedicated to elfdust.

the one i got is the exotic hardwood kind and i am getting one of those neat slightly twirled teak ones for elfdust. i can also recommend the pouch and the lighters! i got 3 of those pouches because they are very neat for storing other kinds of small pipes and bubblers. one of them i just use for storing papers, filters, different smoking mixtures etc. in for when i'm on the road.

i consider it the best 60 bucks i spent this year.

i own an aromed vaporizer and have tried out all other types of vaporizers of the higher price class. this is by far the best portable vaporizer EVER. and it hits even harder than my aromed.

jorkest was the one who brought it to my attention. get yourself a vaporgenie and then thank him, not me!
thank erowid extracts! i saw an article in there and showed it to SWIM and he was like...oh my god..the perfect way to smoke spice..

the next thing i want to figure out is how to make an inhaler that instead of getting asthma medicine..you get spice vapor!!

they must have ways of atomizing medicines..and if we could figure out a way to make something like this...it would be pretty damn awesome...no more flame..just press down and inhale!!

haha SWIM also has 2 vaporgenies...and he bought one for each of his spice smoking friends...they really are the best..
what about an injection pen used by people with diabetes? one could use it for intramuscular injections.
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