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New Zealand anybody?

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magic clown

aka Slap Stick Sam
For fairly obvious reasons each individual member of our little Blackclover community here, has to be quite wary of each other. We dont speak freely, we hide behind psuedonyms and lie about our goldfishes friends. Except for the odd lucky few who live in Antartica, the rest of us live in a kind of self imposed exile. It is a shame because chatting to people over the last year I have found some very interesting characters whom I'm sure I'd love to meet, have a beer with and get to know their friends, wives and girlfriends of. Despite all my curiosity, please understand, I'm not looking for or need to hook up with people. I would however like to pose this question. Does anyone on this board hail from New Zealand? I have just booked a ticket to NZ I am going to visit friends and hang out, missing the approaching Northern European Winter. I am not a great one for tavelling. I am content and like it where I live. The idea of travelling around the world is a little dauntting to me. I don't really know what to expect or know what I might miss, both there and back home. So I was hoping there there might be people here, who share with me an interest in hyperspace and related activities, who also have knowledge of New Zealand, who might be able to provide me with some pointers.
Well I've been down in NZ for over a month now. I've been staying in Wellington with friends and tourring the South Island. I've been spreading my particular brand of nonsence, clowning around and talking absolute bollocks to any who will listen. I've had fun, eatten well, got tanned, met a pretty young thing with lumps in her jumper who would like me to stay, most things are cool. However in relation to the subject matter of this board, this place is a desert. I find that hard to believe it is such a lush vegetive place there must be somthing usefull that grows here. Actually I've found lots of things about NZ's drug culture not to my liking. For example there are no street dealers cruising around. Drugs seam to have to be ordered in advance. The pills that I've tried were filthy, God only knows what kind of shit was in them. The come down was appalling. They were pink for a start, I've been told you can get blue ones as well! I mean whats that shit all about! You buy a pill you want MDMA not food colouring. They cost about 5x what I might normally expect to pay. Guess I'll just work on my tan and look forward to getting back to where it rains.
NZ is a great place for mushrooms in the winter... you're just there in the wrong season. Since you're spreading 'bollocks' and you live in a 'place where it rains', i'm going to take a guess where you live normally. A question though, are there any natural sources of DMT over there or can you order mhrb online?
Sorry Undergrounder don't be offended, I'm not dissing your country. There are things about NZ that I really really do love. In fact there are loads of things here that I love. It is just that Iv'e got used to things being a great deal easier where I live and I supose I've been rather spoiled. I have only been in NZ for a little over a month so far, maybe I've been premature in my judgment. Im not sure that that is the case though. I do trully think the pills of NZ are filthy. The fact that many, if not all the people I have spoken to on the subject, talk about the savage come downs, bears that assumption out. We have one mushroom of interest to your three, which grow very readilly where I live. They are abbundant, easy to find, identify and contain the highest concentrations of 4Ho DMT of any naturally occurring shroom in the world. YE HAA! I have no idea about what kind of DMT source material grows naturally in NZ. Alongside saying Hello, finding that out, had been my motivation for my starting this thread. There is also one naturally occurring useable plant species containing DMT where I live. Due however, to the superior quality and ease with which MHRB can be sourced, it is not regularly used. There are also number of plant species which can be readilly cultivated, as is, I suspect, the case in NZ. My friends, receantly, on ethical, curriosity, self satisfaction and seccurity issues, have now started moving towards self sufficiancy. Whan I mentioned spreadding bollocks, I was actually refering to myself telling jokes, preforming impossible magical miracles and recietals of nonsence poetry. Most people actually enjoy it and ask me to come again.
[quote:ff4a80a4ea="magic clown"]Whan I mentioned spreadding bollocks, I was actually refering to myself telling jokes, preforming impossible magical miracles and recietals of nonsence poetry. Most people actually enjoy it and ask me to come again.[/quote:ff4a80a4ea] Yeah i got it, i wasn't offended? I don't even come from NZ :shock:
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