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Newbie, but valuable to this forum

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I have always found the DMT Nexus a very useful page. It has helped me a lot. And I wanted to be part of this community to share my knowledge and my little experience, although very valuable.

I am a newbie in the Psychedelic world. Weed is the closest thing to a psychedelic that I have done. I have tried it a couple of times. I didn't expect it would be very psychedelic, but for me it had a lot of the so called 'mindfuck'. It was very mental. I believe it was because I smoked too much (4 or more puffs of average quality weed and without tolerance). As soon as I reached the peak, I freaked out, but thanks to all the information I have read here, in the dmt-nexus, and many other sites I have been able to calm down. It taught me that I MUST respect psychedelics and don't mess around with them.

I have also done NO2 (Nitrous oxide). It is supposedly dissociative, but I didn't take enough to feel that disconnection. I sent my experience with it to Erowid.

I am currently crystalizing some DMT I have been trying to extract from Chacruna (Psychotria viridis). I will share in the near future my results, as there is not much information about extracting Chacruna. I will also post a problem I had during the extraction and how I managed to solve it. Overall, I found extraction very easy but it takes a lot of time.

I will smoke that DMT when I feel I am prepared to it. I will also share that here.

Why accept me?
- I know a lot about drugs.
- I want to share information with the internet.
- I like this forum and want to be in it.
- I will try to be active and contribute
- English is not my first language, so by accepting me you will help me improving it.

Thanks for reading it.
Hey cookiejoe!

I, like you, am inexperienced in the psychedelic world. The only thing I've done is weed.( Never even done nitrous.)

Weed is also pretty mental for me. I've never had a "freakout" from weed, but I've had some pretty intense highs.

I look forward to seeing your extraction results, and how you solved that problem of yours.

By the way, you don't have to feel as if you need to be "accepted" here. Just by virtue of you being here, you're already a member of the family.😁 Just keep the quality of your posts up, and you'll be golden.😉

Welcome to the forum!:thumb_up:

After few dmt trips you'll notice that weed isn't the same as before. In most cases and for most people, including me, psychadelic experiences alter weed high completely. It will start telling stories, legends and tales of parallel universes, pretty psychadelic ones. :)

And if you mix your weed with harmalas and take them together, you'll never want to smoke weed without it ever again. I can't describe how mature, smooth, clear and adventurous it becomes. Whole new level :shock:

Good luck with your extraction and be safe!

for me weed (thc in general) and harmalas (with or without dadeemz) do not work well together, then others find it just great. In the end each has to find their own best ways I guess.

Though it can be very inspirational and encouraging to hear what works for a given person(s). :thumb_up:
As new to weed so I'll try it more times so that I get used to it and then I'll combine it with some caapi (a maoi). I had heard before that it gets very intense and is usually pleasurable. But everyone reacts differently, right?

My DMT is still being crystallized. A lot of tiny white crystals have formed. White is usually purer so thats good for my first time. :d

Thank you for receiving so kindly in this forum!
JustAnotherHuman said:
By the way, you don't have to feel as if you need to be "accepted" here. Just by virtue of you being here, you're already a member of the family.😁 Just keep the quality of your posts up, and you'll be golden.😉

By accepted I meant becoming a full-member. But yes, I'm part of the family.:thumb_up:
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