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news on dmt

Migrated topic.
"Ruoho speculates that the hallucinogen's involvement may mean that the sigma-1 receptor is connected in some fashion to psychoactive behavior. When his team injected DMT into mice known to have the receptor, the animals became hyperactive; mice in which the receptor had been genetically removed did not.

"Hyperactive behavior is often associated with drug use or psychiatric problems," says Ruoho. "It's possible that new, highly selective drugs could be developed to inhibit the receptor and prevent this behavior."

man, these people suck... its always about making more money for the Big Pharma, stopping drug 'abuse' and stupid allegations of the sort. As if dmt was addictive or a problematic drug in any way

"Elevated levels of DMT and a related molecule have been found in the urine of schizophrenics. "

I thought that was debunked already.
endlessness said:
I thought that was debunked already.

It was, a few decades ago.

From DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Dozens of studies have failed to
convincingly relate serotonin levels in blood drawn from the forearm to
psychiatric diagnoses with presumed abnormalities in brain serotonin.
Therefore, it was unlikely, using DMT blood levels, that any real conclusions
could be drawn regarding differences between normal and psychotic

In the case of comparing schizophrenia to DMT intoxication, the case
becomes even murkier. Schizophrenia is a remarkably complex syndrome.
There are several forms, such as "paranoid," "disorganized," and "undifferentiated."
There are many stages, including "early," "acute," "late,"
and "chronic." There are even "prodromal" symptoms that exist before
the illness becomes severe enough to diagnose. In addition, symptoms of
schizophrenia develop over months and years, and individuals modify
their behavior to deal with their unusual experiences. These adaptations
in turn create new symptoms and behaviors.
To expect a single drug given one time to a normal person to mimic
schizophrenia is not reasonable. No one today contends that this is possible.

There are some other good blocks of text. but these seem sufficient.
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