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Nexian editorial calendar


At Peace
Hey everybody, and especially the producers and editors of the Nexian. A few thoughts:

I'm interested in doing some creative writing for the Nexian. I write a lot as it is, and I've been encountering a lot of inspirational material lately. So it got me thinking. I lived with someone that did public relations work for half a decade, and I learned a lot about magazine writing through that experience. I'm thinking if you guys had an editorial calendar in addition to your primary core articles for upcoming Nexian e-zines, semi-anonymous people like myself could contribute a creative piece in the theme and submit it 30-60 days in advance.

If this already exists, I apologize.

You could create a skeleton and then accept submissions this way without asking for them. Example: In a given issue, you might want one cultural story, one traveling story, one grounded Western hemisphere story, one spiritual story, one story of personal transformation, one story of compassion, etc, etc. And of course there is always room for gonzo in all stories.

Yes? No?
Maybe so?

There's a "Submit Article" button at the top of the right-hand column of the main page. Please feel free to submit any relevant material at any point you wish and it will be reviewed/edited/posted to the news site and/or considered for inclusion in a volume of The Nexian.
So far we've not been able to stick to any defined publishing schedule, as all work on the Nexian is on a volunteer basis. But please submit articles, the best way to move this forward is to have enough finished material.
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