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Nexian status? Do we need to recruit comtributors?


Curiouser and curiouser
So of all of the projects on this site that I have been excited about, The Nexian has been the top. It seems however that there has been a hold up, no updates in a while, not much buzz going around, and this bothers me. As a chance to reach out with a message of responsibility and ecological sustainablity, the Nexian seemed like a good move.

I'm hoping this will open up the conversation regarding the Nexian, and maybe a member who is currently working on it can try to recruit the missing peices to get the ball rolling again as it seems like a worthwhile venture. If you can get it up and running again I would like to lend my skills as a writer, but if it's dead in the water I won't waste my time.

Also if you do get this going, I think a blurb/ad regarding Alex's Greys temple project Entheon would be nice.
Alex Grey will be a part of issue 3. We are waiting for certain things before that issue can be completed but the project is still alive. People are just focusing on other things at the moment.

You don't have to wait around for others to submit things to the news site though. Feel free to submit any article or news related to psychedelics, whether original or from other sources, here:
On a similar note is there anything that newer members can do to help contribute?

I am always on the look out for good articles and research but wondering if perhaps there is some "busy work" or writing that needs to get done and requires more time than skill. I am sure a lot of Nexians are quite busy and as you said focusing on other things.

Just trying to reach out there and say that if anything needs done I am more than happy to give up several hours a day to help. Glad to hear that the projects are still moving forward and excited to see where 2016 will take us! 😁
universecannon said:
Alex Grey will be a part of issue 3. We are waiting for certain things before that issue can be completed but the project is still alive. People are just focusing on other things at the moment.

You don't have to wait around for others to submit things to the news site though. Feel free to submit any article or news related to psychedelics, whether original or from other sources, here:
Submit article - The Nexian

Are there any guidelines for submission? I couldn't find any on the site.
Not really. Just leave a link/sources, your thoughts if you want, and try to break things up into paragraphs if there is a lot of writing. Or if you'd rather send a document as is without the format getting messed up in the submission just let us know in the message and we'll figure something out.
Submission guidelines are in the works...we've needed them for a while and haven't yet created a cohesive document.

I will say this for the time being. If you submit something, please please PLEASE proof read and edit it before you submit it. It takes a lot of time to proof/edit documents that are already in good shape. Getting submissions that amount to rough drafts is not only hard on editors, but also somewhat disrespectful.

Submissions that don't meet an (admittedly abstract) baseline level of "polished" final draft will likely be returned to the submitter for edits prior to web/e-journal publishing.

Thanks :)
Hey y'all. I posted about this elsewhere but probably nobody saw it. Status on the Grey interview: they want to do it via Skype. I can schedule it pretty much any time we have the questions ready. Just based on my past experiences doing Skype talks with them, it's likely to wander around and be a less structured Q&A process. That said, there is much gold to be found in the freer format. They know we want to focus on psychedelic experiences and the art they've done that's been inspired by these experiences.

So we record the Skype talk, transcribe and edit. We'd also have a nice Nexus-sponsored YouTube video when it's all said and done.

I'm not in a position now to find the thread with the interview questions... But it would be great to have a final list soon. I'd love to get moving on this. And yes, I know the Greys would love to have an Entheon feature, we should plan on that!
Figured I'd just reply to this thread.

Any news or updates on the 3nd addition of the Nexian. I always thought of this as a worthwhile project and I'm hoping there are still some out there looking to continue this,
Wow this sounds fantastic.
Would we be accepting poetry/creative writing submissions?
I'm thrilled to hear that the Greys will be collaborating with us.
There is so much to look forward to in the psychedelic community.
I'm actually going to CoSM tonight to see the screening of CoSM : The Movie!
It's the New Year, so I'm going to bump this. In fact maybe in the next 6 months I will bump this again if things stay quiet.

The Nexian E-Zine imo is the most ambitious project to come out of the Nexus and the one that has the most potential to do good in the real world. Giving psychonauts an output for spreading information about the safe effective use of psychedelics is incredibly important and a mission that we should hold high. Not only is the medicinal potential for these chemicals great, the impact psychedelics have on challenging the broken aspects of our culture can't be overstated in this current era of fake news and all encompassing distraction.
That being said I would like to see some effort in revitalizing this project. Anonymity and the internet are all well and good but that can be too much preaching to the choir. The Nexian has the potential to promote safe therapeutic use of psychedelics with responsibility and environmental sustainability at the forefront of the discussion. This can't exist in micro cliques of anonymous hippies where much of the youth sees DMT as a rollercoaster ride as opposed to it's benefits in elevating consciousness.

So what can we do to get this ball rolling again?
I have and this projects been dead in the water for over a year, with no word or update on progress. I see no need to add any further contributions since there is absolutely no clear knowledge of what's going on with this. Do we have any idea how much more content is needed before we can get a volume 3? Because I'm sure people would be more willing to contribute if they felt their work wouldn't just be lost and their time wasted. If anyone knows the status please let us know, likewise if more graphics artists are needed, let us know. Basically what is needed to complete volume 3?
If no one is submitting content we can't very well put together a magazine. Keep in mind we have The Nexian website as well, where submitted content can be posted and made available with much less effort and collaboration than is required to produce the zine. So the first step in getting any momentum whatsoever for this project is indeed to actually submit the content.

What do we need to produce the zine?

High quality articles on a variety of subjects from a variety of contributors.

Artists to design and draw the covers and contribute artwork (or permission to use artwork) to compliment the articles.

Proofreaders\editors to review the articles and make sure they are ready for publication.

Someone to take all this material and lay it out in an aesthetically pleasing digital format.

Funding to have physical copies printed from the digital template.

People to distribute both physical and digital copies to the larger community.

It's a lot of hard work to put a project like this together, and it's also a communal effort. Even if we had the content coming in (which we don't) we still need people to step up and fill the rest of the roles listed above (and probably several moar I forgot). The reason this project is dead in the water is frankly because of a lack of volunteers.

If content starts coming in, I can assist with getting it put up on the website. I'd love to see a revival of activity over there as I do feel it's a worthwhile project and I know our membership still has a lot to contribute to the larger dialogue around these most mysterious molecules.
Also, we did get some harmalol from rue in the MS test endlessness facilitated. However, the peak is not the largest but it sure is there. That project needs a lot more work to clean up and isolate the harmalol further, but we do have it when salting out at harmalol's isoelectric pH (aka pI). Mindlusion said this could work and looked promising and it seems he was right as usual.

This may also become an ezine submission one day (would it be an interesting topic or is it too niche?), but is not as straightforward as the complexation work (which mindlusion also encouraged and backed).
Thank you for a more thorough description of what we need. I'll look at resubmitting what I wrote and my wife does some graphics art and I'm sure she'd love to submit some work to this. I think if things can get composed in zine format people can just print their own. That's what I did for 1 and 2. There are a lot of good articles currently on that website though I suppose we never got the Alex Grey interview, I didn't see that, but if it's floating around out there would be good to at least get a nod on that since that would be a fantastic include.
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